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ManCandy: Hunk of the Week

October 29, 2009

NOTE: JR and I would like to make this perfectly clear: We are not gay. However, we recognize that members of the fairer sex like to look at nice bodies too. So, at the urging of our female readership, we’re devoting a portion of our company blog to hunk pix from our first-ever sheSarcasm correspondent, Wendy Why. Take it away, Wendy:

random hunky dude

He may not be a banker, but who give a hoot? This 35-year old stud is just too hot to handle (but I would certainly try)! Peter can build anything, in fact I’m feeling some excitement building now. He is also incredibly witty (a comedian), smart, and available (or so I hear). His motto has always been to “keep the power tools.” Even though he is too classy to pose nearly nude for us*, we can see there is plenty reason to believe ‘power tools’ will not be necessary for the job we have for him. Peter, your package is just right for us.

*The views and opinions reflect only shesarcasm audience members, they do not reflect the views of Dr.Smartass, Dan Tynan, or JR Raphael.

PS: Have we mentioned that we’re not gay?