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eSarcasm Unable to Confirm Denial of Google Rumors

December 18, 2009

Rumors are swirling that Google is attempting to purchase eSarcasm, The Web Site That’s Crunchy on the Outside With a Delicious Creamy Filling on the Inside ™.

We can neither confirm nor deny any acquisition talks. We can also neither confirm nor deny that Google has offered us free T-shirts and 24/7 access to the Google Commissary, or that their offices are really really cool looking (did you know that the stairways move around on their own and doors just magically appear, like at Hogwarts?), or that Marissa Mayer is even hotter in person, if that’s possible.

“Of course, if Google were to purchase us, we’d be extremely flattered and deeply aroused,” adds co-co-founder JR Raphael. “But eSarcasm is not for sale. And if it were for sale, we’d certainly be holding out for more money and better looking business cards. We’re just sayin’.”