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eSarcasm eMerges From Pre-Pre-Alpha

July 4, 2009


Just in time to celebrate our nation’s independence, eSarcasm, America’s Website ™, is proud to announce it is emerging from pre-pre-Alpha and entering the pre-Alpha testing phase.

“We are proud to announce we are emerging from pre-pre-Alpha and entering pre-Alpha testing,” said co-founder Dan Tynan. “Wait, didn’t I just say that?”

eSarcasm, America’s Website ™, has been in development for 17 years now, and we’re really pleased with its progress, noted co-co-founder JR Raphael, whose real name is a closely guarded trade secret.

“If all goes according to schedule, we should be entering Alpha sometime before the end of summer, pre-pre-beta in fall, and pre-beta before spring of 2010,” he adds. “We plan to skip right past actual beta and move directly onto gamma, delta, and epsilon. With any luck we’ll reach omega right around retirement age, and then our grand kids can take over.”

eSarcasm, America’s Website ™, provides one-stop shopping for fans of high-tech snark, or at least it will on that glorious day if when it finally launches, sometime in 2027.