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Geek T-shirt design contest winners named; too much tequila consumed

August 31, 2010

The contest is over. The winners have been chosen. The passive voice has been fully employed.

You know how it is sometimes. You drink too much tequila, you meet an amazing woman, you take her home, things happen. In the morning she turns out to have more chest hair than you do and starts hitting you up to pay for her hormone treatments.

The “I May Be Fashion Challenged But I’m Smarter Than You” T Shirt contest was a little like that.

We should have known something was up when we called our partners in this venture one evening and their mom answered. She said it was too late for them to talk on the phone, and we should call them the next day after they’d had their nap.

Later, they asked for our help in sneaking $35 million out of Nigeria and into an offshore bank account. That was also a red flag. Stupidly, we ignored it.

For the record, we thought this T shirt was funny. So was this one. We found T shirt drolly amusing. But heck, we just run a humor site. What do we know from funny?

There were also some really nice designs. Strangely, none of those won either.

Congratulations to the winners. As for the owners of that T-shirt design site, we hope they sell enough shirts to offset the cost of that iPad. We’re sure it set them back at least three months’ allowance.