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eSarcasm 2.0: This Time It’s Personal

August 30, 2010

The home of Geek Humor Gone Wild ™ celebrates one year anniversary with a sparkling new redesign.

Intercourse, PA — One year after its stunning debut, the world’s leading geek humor portal has unveiled a redesign that enhances its mission to bring snark to the masses. Working with the world’s top plastic surgeons, the nipped-and-tucked eSarcasm 2.0 offers features that are both new and exciting yet also strangely familiar to its legions of fans.

Among the highlights of eSarcasm 2.0:

* Sleeker, longer, and thicker home page, ribbed for your pleasure.

* Dedicated video section called eTube, which will feature the funniest Web videos it can steal from other sites find, as well as eSarcasm originals like “Google-China Negotiations Hit Impasse” and “Foul-Mouthed Octogenarians Doing Unspeakable Things” (NSFA).

* New streamlined Quickies section featuring eTube videos, iToons comics, and Hump Day Hotties. Now 27 percent more premature!

* Easier access to the vast archive of eSarcasm Favorites, revealing scores of butt-gusting stories you may have missed, including: “Are You a Certified Facebook Douche?” “The 12 Universal Truths About Twitter,” and “The Steve Jobs E-Mail Generator.”

And more!

“We are so convinced you’ll love eSarc 2.0 that we’re offering a money-back guarantee,” says eSarcasm co-founder Dan Tynan. “If not completely satisfied with the level of sophomoric humor available at the new, please return all Web pages you’ve viewed (along with the labels from six specially marked cartons of Harry Popper Condoms) and we’ll refund every penny you’ve spent.”

Adds co-co-founder JR Raphael: “Our new redesign allows us to take on the tech world in newer and even more juvenile ways. We look forward to deeply offending each and every one of you.”

Along with the refreshed design, eSarcasm is pleased to announce it has finally emerged from beta, skipped right over gamma, delta, and epsilon, and gone into zeta. The site’s founders say they had hoped to get into Kappa Kappa Kappa, but their plan was foiled when the house mother peeked under their skirts.

Look for the upcoming bug fixes, eSarcasm 2.01, 2.02, and 2.03, coming to a browser near you.