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eSarcasm joins the HuffPo blogerati

August 17, 2009

We’ve broken out the Cristal and snarfed up a bucketful of Beluga caviar. As of today eSarcasm, The Little Site That Could Even When Everyone Else Said ‘Are You Sure You Really Want to Do That? Really?’ ™, is now syndicated on the Huffington Post Comedy page.

esarcasm on huffpo - cropped

Bet you thought we were just kidding.

Getting there wasn’t easy, though. It involved torturous negotiations that lasted weeks. In the end though, DT prevailed, so JR ended up sleeping with Arianna. (He says she’s kind of hot, so long as she doesn’t talk.) A few incriminating photos later, and voila — our Web hipness quotient just went through the friggin roof.

Now we’re BFFs with Alec Baldwin. Jon Stewart wants to be our friend on Facebook. And David Spade keeps leaving voice mails. But we haven’t called him back yet. We’re way too cool.