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The eSarcasm 50: A huge success

September 16, 2009

Well it’s been a fabulous two days hours. We’ve just wrapped up our first annual gathering of eSarcasm 50, a gathering of the hottest tech start-ups desperate for any kind of media attention, no matter how pitiful.

Because of the economy and other factors, attendance was a shade lower than we’d anticipated. Only a handful of the companies we’d invited to attend actually showed up. But the ones that did appear were truly amazing. We were completely blown away by their products, their enthusiasm, and the amount of cheese whiz they managed to consume.

Thanks to all the attendees, especially those who chipped in for the bail money to get JR Raphael released on his own recognizance. Good news: The hotel has agreed to not press charges provided we pay for the cleaning bills, reimburse the owner of the horse, and promise to never ever hold any events there again. All in all, a tremendous success.