Snoop Dogg Performs at eSarcasm Holiday Bash


eSarcasm held its first annual Holiday Bash Wednesday night, celebrating the season with some of Hollywood’s hottest sensations.

Among the attendees: acclaimed actor Bobcat Goldthwait; that gay dude who came in fifth on “American Idol” Season One; and that portly fellow who was married to Britney Spears for a couple of days in 2004.

Former Dateline NBC anchor Stone Phillips emceed the event, with renowned rapper Snoop Dogg taking the stage for an hour of smoke-filled entertainment.

JR, Dan, and Dr. Smartass on-stage with Snoop Dogg during his final performance of the night

The founders of eSarcasm, JR Raphael and Dan Tynan, were hammered all night not immediately available to comment on the event. Medical correspondent Dr. Smartass, meanwhile, was getting freaky with one of Snoop’s beotches attending to official company business and also unable to grant an interview.

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6 Responses to “Snoop Dogg Performs at eSarcasm Holiday Bash”

  1. Steven Says:

    Why wasn’t I invited?

  2. TMZ Publishes Fake Photo of JFK, Naked Babes Says:

    […] has learned that the photo of Snoop Dogg performing at eSarcasm’s annual holiday party, published on our company blog, is a fake. The man in the picture is not the actual Snoop Dogg, though Doc Smartass reports he did […]

  3. iHate iSlate: 15 Other Top-Secret Apple Trademarks Says:

    […] “snooping,” we mean paying off Snoop Dogg to get us the info. He was at our holiday party, you […]

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    […] eSarcasmBlog The official blog for eSarcasm, the greatest Web site of all time ™ « Snoop Dogg Performs at eSarcasm Holiday Bash […]

  5. Formal Offer: We Would Like to Buy Palm Says:

    […] but we’re pretty certain that’s about what we paid for the strippers at our last annual holiday bash. Weird […]

  6. Bad Taste, Less Filling « eSarcasmBlog Says:

    […] was an ill-timed sleazy move, not unlike the way he tried to hit on JR’s mom at the last eSarcasm Christmas party. I mean, the woman is 90 if she’s a day. I throw up a little in my mouth every time I think […]

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