eSarcasm LLC Announces Reduced Hours for Holiday Week


At eSarcasm, Where The Snark Never Stops But Occasionally Pauses To Catch Its Breath And Get A Sip Of Water ™, we work 24-7-365 to bring you the finest in geeky satire and juvenile humor.

But even we like to spend time with our families and parole officers around the holidays. So we’re officially closing up shop effective at 1 pm ET today. Of course, we’ll still have a skeleton crew on hand in case of breaking news (like, for example, Christian Serratos has a nipple slip or the CrunchPad actually appears); Dan and JR will be wearing pagers so they can come in and direct the sarcasm flow. Otherwise, we’ll be re-running some of the funniest stories from our early days when absolutely no one was visiting us.

For those workers who remain on the job, the eSarcateria will be serving Turkey Loaf with giblets, Campbells canned turkey gravy, jellied cranberry sauce (the kind that jiggles for five minutes after it oozes out of the can), and Stovetop Stuffing. Umm-umm. Just like Mom used to make. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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