eSarcasm Nominated for International Honor


eSarcasm, The Site With the Largest Collection of Impossibly Long Trademarked Taglines in The Known Universe ™, is pleased to announce that is a finalist for an award of international importance.

Last night, the founders of eSarcasm, The Site With etc etc ™, were notifed by phone that the site had been nominated for the Noble Peach Prize, an award given to individuals and organizations exhibiting extreme aptitude in the consumption of fleshy fruits.

“We are pleased, honored, humbled, and strangely aroused by this honor,” wrote co-founder Dan Tynan in a post to his company’s blog. “We look forward to the awards ceremony in OshKosh, and we really really really hope we win.”

“It’s amazing to be nominated for such a ‘peachy’ award as this one,” wryly noted co-co-founder JR Raphael in the same post to his company’s blog. “It will make the fruits of our labors well worth it. I just hope our friends at Apple take notice.”

Unlike the similarly named Nobel Peace Prize, not just any fly-by-night microblog can be nominated for the Noble Peach Prize. Qualifying requires filling out an extensive form and mailing in labels from six cans of Mrs. Ball’s Peach Chutney.

Winners of the Noble Prize will be announced in OshKosh, Wisconsin, in September.


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