The First Reviews Are In!


As we grow closer to the beta phase and subsequent public launch of eSarcasm, we decided to give early access to a small group of users to get their initial impressions on the site. We’re delighted to report that the first of those reviews are now in our hands.

“It wasn’t terrible,” wrote Dan Tynan, one of the early previewers. “I’ve seen worse, but I’ve also certainly seen better.”

Other users touted eSarcasm’s “clever use of the lowercase ‘e'” and “coherent writing of often-complete sentences.” Some even touched on the abilities of the site’s award-winning writing staff.

“To be honest with you, I’m not generally a fan of those guys’ work,” wrote JR Raphael, another early previewer. “Still, given their overall lack of writing prowess and numerous other character flaws, the site was far less shitty than I was expecting.”

eSarcasm is tentatively slated to open sometime before Earth and Venus collide. The site is a venture of eSarcasm, LLC, headquartered in Anytown, U.S.A. and backed by Mazzaroni Construction & Cremetoria and Voldemort Vader & Associates.


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