eSarcasm Reaches Traffic Milestone


We are pleased and proud to announce that just a few weeks into our ultra-exclusive top secret pre-beta beta testing period, eSarcasm’s monthly traffic is now in the high moderate three-figure range, and well on its way to surpassing four figures before Spring 2012.

“We look forward to a wildly successful future, buying our own island, and lighting our Cubano Robustos with $100 bills,” said co-founder JR Raphael.

In addition, thanks to our eSarcastAnalysis software (patent pending) we’ve been able to take in-depth look at who’s been visiting our site, parsing our audience demographic to an unprecedented degree. Here’s what you look like:

People looking for who got lost: 17.2 percent
Ex-girlfriends and other stalkers: 3.6 percent
Family, friends, and relatives to whom we owe money: 12.6 percent
Google bots that mistook us for a porn site: 9.0 percent
DT and JRR obsessively checking the site and chuckling to themselves:  47.8 percent
Fans of snarky geek humor:  .02 percent
Sales tax: 7.75 percent

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to our overwhelming success. The best is yet to come.

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