eSarcasm Now Available in Multiple Languages


We at eSarcasm recognize that the Internet is a global community. As part of our mission to become a trusted leader in this diverse online ecosystem, we’re proud to announce that eSarcasm content is now available in multiple languages.

Thanks to an unexpected partnership with the folks at — who were kind enough to take our content, translate it, and repost it on their servers without us even asking — some of our stories are now available in gibberish. Below, for example, is the translation of our recent obituary for the Best Buy associate:

Future Obituary: The Best Buy Associate, 1984 – 2010

Poste par raphael on June 18th, 2009

The statement you are blunt to announce is not verified. It is, howsoever, more rigorous than most things on TechCrunch.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 – The Best Buy associate, a devoted impressive blue-shirted curiosity, was spotted in earn the absolute old hat today.

The associate was typically seen scurrying blunt too lit electronics stores during the former two decades, ignoring customers and not answering phones. Youthful in statement associate with, he was recognized nigh his spiky suggestion, annoying goatee, and propensity to employ the word-group: “I’ll be completely cooked with you.”

The Best Buy associate prospered in the mid-90s as the electronics daring boomed in America.

The introduction of the Best Buy airport vending instrument in the media enter upon free 2008 is generally seen as the catalyst of the associate’s demise. He is credited with doing some of his finest cagey maneuvers during that print, racking up log extend times in earn phone-based customers while also keeping lines of irritating in-store shoppers waiting. Shortly after the machine’s unveiling, dependability in managers realized how in all likelihood they could aspect the associate excuse without anyone noticing.

In June of 2009, a series of Best Buy ads attempted to part of the associate as “friendly” and “knowledgeable,” absent and keen to balm people both above the phone and in-person. Sources abort to the essentials give the powwow deliver this see-through mischaracterization was a absolute require on to rejuvenate the associate as his fettle became increasingly genuine. The Best Buy associate was 26 years past.

The associate longing be remembered in earn his single-syllable celebrity – Jim, was it? Or Rick? – as completely cooked as his members to offensive that behemoth wheelie-ladder element into the vicinage the dependability in in earn hours on out of exert oneself with no deceptive utility in identify.

Unfortunately, the courtesy translation service appears to have been taken offline for the moment (it “est suspendu,” according to a notice posted on the site); however, we look forward to continuing to serve our multicultural audience through other venues in the future.

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