eSarcasm Closes New Round of Funding


eSarcasm Closes New Round of Funding

 eSarcasm LLC is pleased to announce it has just closed a round of Series Q funding from venture capital firm Voldemort Vader & Associates.

“With this money we’ll be able to do a lot of things we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, like buy new pencils and restock the Mr. Pibb machine,” noted site co-founder and chief snark wrangler JR Raphael.

Along with the initial angel funding from Mazzaroni Construction & Cremetoria, The additional funds bring the total capitalization of the company up to nearly $900.


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    […] eSarcasm is tentatively slated to open sometime before Earth and Venus collide. The site is a venture of eSarcasm, LLC, headquartered in Anytown, U.S.A. and backed by Mazzaroni Construction & Cremetoria and Voldemort Vader & Associates. […]

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